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Don't Sell Your Freedom Short - Hire a Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer.

When you choose my law firm to represent you as your criminal defense attorney you are enlisting the services of a Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer with more than 20 years practicing criminal trial law. You are electing to have someone stand up on your behalf who has worked his entire legal career for the rights of the accused. Whether you have been charged in State or Federal Court, my firm will aggressively advocate for your interests in order to achieve the best possible results. My firm will be by your side whether that is during a jury trial, negotiated settlement, or some alternative resolution. You will be able to take advantage of my firm's years of trial and negotiating experience in the criminal justice system.

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My firm is available to assist you with all criminal cases. My firm handles cases that range from DUI/DWI, Drug Trafficking, Sexual Assault, Child Pornography, Internet Crime, Mortgage Fraud, Money Laundering, White Collar Crime and even First Degree Murder - just to name a few. I have participated as lead defense counsel in jury trials at all levels of the criminal justice system. For example I have successfully tried numerous murder cases to verdict. I understand being charged with a crime is a scary and challenging situation for most people whether it is something minor or of the most serious nature. Certainly most people never expect to be in the position of being called a defendant. My firm is up to the challenge to guide you through the process.

I strongly believe in the thorough preparation of my client's cases. First, I take the time to educate you about all the steps that will be taken in the process. It is important that clients know how the system works. This is a team effort and the client is an integral part of that team. You will be prepared and aware of all options that will be available to you, as well as, the possible outcomes. Second, my firm will work hard to prepare your case. Through comprehensive research and investigation my firm will build your defense strategy to make sure that your rights are protected and the optimal result is obtained.

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Your liberty is at stake, do not sell it short. No matter what level of crime you are charged with, Driving Under Suspension, Burglary or Manslaughter, you need a Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer who is up to the task and has the skill level that can help serve your interests. My firm is here to help. My firm is available to help you throughout Palm Beach County and the surrounding areas of South Florida.

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